Archie Freyson

A special breeding kennel offers a luxury Bichon Frise Dog for mating in Israel. Medium-sized, elegantly built, a perfect match for both big and small doggesses.

Many countries in the Pedigree, excellent origin. KСУ/FCI Pedigree. Great pigmentation, thick, beautiful coat. Calm and friendly character.

A cheerful attitude is the outstanding trait of the Archie personality. Archie loves to be loved, enjoys being the center of attention, and is adept at charming his family, neighbors, groomer, or veterinarian with his winning personality.

He is a playful, independent streak, but that doesn't mean he likes to be alone. In fact, Archie hates being alone and commonly suffers from separation anxiety if left alone for many hours.

Archie Freyson

D.O.B. 24.10.2019


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