Freya Belosnezhniy Aristokrat

Freya is of pure charm with a strong personality and good manners. Always gets lots of attention from people who pass by. She is absolutely loyal to her owners, with every action proving that she can always be trusted. Moreover, Freya demonstrated her bright and good qualities in maternity.

Freya is very loving, but, of course, wants to be loved and constantly paid attention to. She can also be a bit jealous. Brave and smart, able to easily learn, but if she’s not in the mood - will do everything her own way.

Freya received a Certificate of Testing for the absence of genetic diseases in the eyes and knees (patella) and passed the test with excellent results!

Freya Belosnezhniy Aristokrat

Sire: Frizzled Life Dior
Dam: Frizzled Life Daniella
Breeder: Zinaida Bublik
Owner: Kennel Bichon Frise in Israel - "Freyson Show Star".


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