Owner Reminder

Reminder for Bichon Frise dog owners


  1. For puppies (up to 12 months) Puppy / Junior for small breed dogs
  2. For adult dogs (after 12 months) lamb with rice, for small dog breeds - duck. You can also give other food (at the discretion of the owner), but all the dog food must be "Superpremium class and grain-Free"! You need to Give new dog food gradually, adding a small amount of new dog food to the old one within two weeks. It is absolutely necessary to monitor the reaction of your dog to the new food.
  3. Both puppy and adult dog can be given various fruits and vegetables as a treat, little by little (Ex. A piece of apple or cucumber), carefully monitoring the reaction of the dog's body to a particular vegetable or fruit (allergies or redness). Dog treats-cheese (under 17%).
  4. Prohibited- sugar, sweets, colored vegetables and fruits, citrus fruits and anything that can cause allergies.
  5. A puppy and an adult dog should always have access to water! The dog always needs a full ball drinking bowl of clean, boiled or bottled water!
  6. The Bowl should suit the dog's height, so tripod bowls can be very convenient and recommended. These bowls can be adjusted as the puppy grows, without forcing the adult dog to bend down to the floor to eat. If the bowl is not on a tripod, such as ceramic, choose the one that your puppy would not have a chance to drag around and pay attention to the bottom of the bowl - it is better to be rubberized, in order not to slide.

Feeding process

For puppies up to 6 months old

  1. 8: 00-9: 00 - dry food, can be soaked in warm water (1/4 of the daily allowance)
  2. 13: 00-14: 00 - dry food, can be soaked in warm water (1/4 of the daily allowance)
  3. 17: 00-18: 00 - dry food, can be soaked in warm water (1/4 daily allowance)
  4. 21: 00-22: 00 - dry food, can be soaked in warm water (1/4 of the daily allowance)

For puppies after 6 months and adult dogs

  1. 8: 00-9: 00 - dry food (1/3 of the daily allowance) + you can add a little of turkey or rabbit.
  2. 16: 00-17. 00-dry food (1/3 of the daily allowance)
  3. 21: 00-22: 00 - dry food (1/3 of the daily allowance) + you can add a little of turkey or rabbit.

Before the puppy began to walk out, you need to teach him to be tidy, so that he could do his things on the diaper. Our puppies are used to it from childhood up, but when they get to their new environment, they may get a bit confused. Put the diaper (disposable underpads 60x60 or 60x90, preferably by the "Ezwhelp", America) to the room with the puppy. If he pees somewhere else - put it there too. Thus, you can lay several diapers, and when the puppy does his things on one of them - praise him! The main thing is not to lose patience, all dogs are able to learn!

Dog grooming


  1. All dogs need to be groomed! It is necessary to get a groomer, preferably every 4-5 weeks. The first Bichon Frise grooming is done at about 4 months old. Closer to this date together we'll decide on the groomer.
  2. It is necessary to comb your dog very often, so that there would be no tangles, using a combing spray (Ex. Bio-Gro) and a slicker brush 3-4 times a week. And also buy a different-tooth iron comb.
  3. Wash the dog when necessary and be sure to dry well with a hair dryer!


  1. For care - Ring 5 (Protein) or for white coat, but NOT DISCOLORING!
  2. The ALL SYSTEMS (Crisp Coat) air-conditioning, but necessarily for white coat!

Wash the dogs legs after walking out.

  1. Look after his eyes, ears, nose and skin. Clean his ears with cotton buds when necessary.
  2. Cut the nails once every 10-14 days. In case of a cut - cauterize with antiseptic green dye or dry potassium permanganate.

Tick protection



The puppy should play and communicate with his owner! To avoid furniture being chewed, you must have a LARGE number of toys for dogs.

The Place

The dog should have its own place where it can go to sleep and just take a break from attention. Wests love lodges, away from peoples eyes! Put a mat or a small bed somewhere behind the sofa or in any other place, bring the dog there, say " Place!", stroke him and leave him there.


The role of a lodge can also be played by a skipper - a box with a door for transporting the animal. We recommend a CLIPPER skipper,  size 2, with a door. This skipper is stronger than all the rest and this size allows you to take it with you to the plane cabin.

Collar and leash

You can teach wearing the collar and leash inside the apartment, putting it on for a while, so that your puppy could get used to it. Wests can't be walked out on a breastband!

Puppy diseases and sickness

If your puppy is unwell or sick, immediately inform the breeder and veterinarian so that there are no complications.


Pay special attention to the BITE !!! You can not pull toys out of the dog's mouth, don't let the dog to chew bones with the front teeth. If you need to take something out of the dog's mouth- gently open the mouth and NEVER pull.



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